WHAT IS THE DIP COATER (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.
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What is the Dip Coating (Dip Coat)?
What is the Dip Coating (Dip Coat)?
  • Thin Film Formation
  • Dip Coating (Dip Coat) is the most suitable for the formation of thin film. The slower speed of Dip Coat (Dip Coating) in the Dip Coater (Dip Coating Equipment) will get [the thinner] film thickness, the faster speed of Dip Coat can make [the thicker] film thickness.
  • Double-side Coating
  • As base materials are dipped into Dip Coating Liquid, double-side shall be treated by Dip Coating at one time.
  • The shape of the Base Material Board does not matter == The Followability to complicated shapes
  • Because Dip Coating has the process which will dip the object into dip coat liquid, whole surfaces of the object materials for Dip Coat will be made with Dip Coating, so generally there is a tendency to follow the surface irregularities neatly. (There are cases when it will be changed depending on the peculiarity of coating liquid.)
  • Low Cost
  • The function of Dip Coaters (Dip Coating Equipments) is simple and productions by low cost are available.
  • Easy and Simple Maintenance
  • As the system of Dip Coaters (Dip Coating Equipments) is not complicated function, that maintenance is easy and simple.
  • A little loss of Dip Coat Liquid
  • Because there is no scatter of Dip Coat Liquid during Dip Coating work, no loss of Dip Coat Liquid.
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