WHAT IS THE dipcoater (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.
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The Product Details

Mold Release Processor

NANO IN COATER (Equipments for Mold Release Agent Coating) NIC-1208

For the purpose of the Forming Film Dip Coating with exclusive processing solution for Metal Sheets, this is the dipcoater performing the processes automatically, which are High Temperature Dry /Dipping/ Burning Dry / Washing / Ventilation Drying. This is the dipcoater Type Equipment which is reflected by SDI’s techniques about Dip Coat (Dip Coating).

Main Specifications
Stroke 700mm
Object Size600 mm square
Object MaterialMetal Sheet
Dip Speedfrom 1 mm/sec. to 50 mm/sec.
Circulation Device of Coating LiquidNot Equipped
Temperature Control of Coating LiquidNot Equipped
Filter MeshNot Equipped
Drying DeviceEquipped
Dry TemperatureEquipped
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) UnitNot Equipped
Equipment Dimension (mm) [approximate]W:2000×D:1200×H:2000mm
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