WHAT IS THE dipcoater (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.
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The Product Details

Desk Top dipcoater for Experiment / Development Uses

Coating Equipment for Hard-Coat Material HC-1004

This is the Semi-Automatic Type dipcoater (Dip Coating Device) having a purpose to be automatize of the processes for the Washing of the Polycarbonate Sheet after the injection molding, Dip Coat with Hard-Coat Material, Warm Air Drying and UV Hardening.

Main Specifications
Object Size W:116 mm × H:112 mm × 1.0 - 3.5 mm thickness
Object MaterialPolycarbonate
Dip Speedfrom 0.1 mm/sec. to 40 mm/sec.
Circulation Device of Coating LiquidEquipped
Temperature Control of Coating LiquidEquipped
Filter Mesh10 micron meter (10um)
Drying DeviceEquipped
Dry TemperatureMaximum 50 centigrade
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) UnitEquipped
Equipment Dimension (mm) [approximate]W:1400×D:800×H:1900mm
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