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Nano incoater for large size (release agent coating device) NIC-2003

Small lot production / release agent application device specifications /

This device is a two-tank type (release agent application and rinse) release agent application device. Each has a circulation function and can apply a mold release agent for large size quartz glass of up to 45 kg / sheet.
Main Specifications
Object SizeW:1500×H:1200mm, t10
Object MaterialGlass, ceramic, resin, etc.
Dip Speed0.1mm/sec~60mm/sec
Circulation Device of Coating LiquidEquipped
Temperature Control of Coating LiquidNot Equipped
Filter MeshNot Equipped
Drying DeviceNot Equipped
Dry TemperatureNot Equipped
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) UnitNot Equipped
Equipment Dimension (mm) [approximate]W:2200×D:2000×H:3253mm

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