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Customer feedback

Chiba University

Manufacturer who develops, manufactures, and sells functional materials

Nagaoka University of Technology

Manufacturer developing organic and inorganic materials listed on TSE Prime

Kansai University Faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology Department of Chemical and Material Engineering Hiroaki Uchiyama Associate Professor

Chiba Prefecture A certain national university

National University Corporation Nagoya Institute of Technology Professor Masanori Fuji, Advanced Ceramics Research Center

National Institute for Materials Science

Certain university

Major electronics manufacturer (listed company)

Injection molding manufacturer

One of the world's leading electronic component manufacturers (listed company)

Manufacturer of precision equipment and medical equipment (listed company)

Chemical manufacturer (listed company)

Printed circuit board manufacturer

Printed circuit board manufacturer (listed company)

Chemical manufacturer

Manufacture and sale of electronic components and electronic equipment (listed company)

Optical lens manufacturer

Medical device manufacturer

Major chemical manufacturer (listed company)

Chemical manufacturer (listed company)

Electronic device manufacturer (listed company)

Chemical manufacturer

Electronic device/ceramic manufacturing (listed company)

Nonwoven fabric manufacturer

Major beverage manufacturer (listed company)

Major electronics manufacturer (listed company)

Chiba University Faculty of Engineering Thin Film Materials Laboratory

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