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Company History

Steps of SDI Company Ltd. & Dip Coaters (Dip Coating Equipments)


2019 October Start mass production of contract coating business
2019 August Starts atmospheric pressure plasma business
2015 December Introduced 3D printer. Supports speedy jig production
Adopted as a 2014 amendment / manufacturing / commercial / service innovation subsidy [Development of a dip coater that enables uniform and thin film formation even on complex three-dimensional surfaces]
2013 amendment, adopted for small and medium-sized enterprises, small business manufacturing, commerce, and service innovation projects [Development of dip coater that enables narrower pitch and thinner base material]
2009 SeptemberCertified as the programs of specific research & development under the “Act on Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises' Core Manufacturing Technology”
2009 AprilStarting the business of contracted Coating Treatment
2008 FebruaryHead-office moving in Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM RI / KYOTO)
2007 SeptemberLaunching the Electronic Parts Business
2007 JulyAuthorized in the ranking by Kyoto-City Venture Company MEKIKI Committee
2007 MayLaunching the Heat-Treatment Business
2007 January Acquisition of “KES Environmental Management System Standard Step 2” certification
2006 March Head-office moving to Shijyo-Karasuma
2004 September Nano Dipcoater is adopted as [2004 business plan possibility support project] promoted by (Foundation) Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21. (applied by Shimadzu General Services, Inc.)
2004 AprilSetting up engineering department
2004 AprilHead-office moving in Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM RI / KYOTO)
2004 FebruaryReorganization to SDK Company Ltd. Capital for JP Yen 10,000,000.
2003 March An achievement of the development for Experimental Desk-top Dipcoater (DT-0303) of industry is first and starting the production and sales
1998 NovemberThe first shipment of Full Automatic Dipcoater toward Overseas Customer
1998 MayCapital Increase up to JP Yen 5,000,000.-
1997 JulyEstablishment of SDI Company LLC as a sales company for Dipcoaters Contributed Capital for JP Yen 3,000,000.

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