WHAT IS THE DIP COATER (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.
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Steps of SDI Company Ltd. & Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments)

We, since 1997, have been engaging the business about the Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) starting with [Full Automatic Dipcoater (Dip Coating Equipment)] which is a manufacturing equipment of printed circuit boards.
Thereafter, with an opportunity of the request to produce desktop Dipcoater (Dip Coating Unit) for the development & the experiment uses, which came from one of manufacturer about Dip Coat Liquid using for Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments), then we started to deal the production and its sale with DT Series that are Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) of development & experiment uses.
In year 2004, after we removed to Kyoto-Research-Park, we were requested to develop & produce [Super Low Speed Dipcoater] from Kyoto University then we have come up to develop and produce [Nano Dipcoater] (ND-0407) which was the lowest speed in this industry in those days.
Our [Nano Dipcoater] was adopted as [2004 business plan possibility support project] (* cf. photograph A) promoted by �g(Foundation) Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21�h, then we have planed later year development of the business about Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) based on the [Investigative Report of Feasibility Study about Super Lowe Speed Dipcoaters] shown in (* cf. photograph B).
We have been straining on the Super Low Speed Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) and Touch Panel Controlling Method.
It led to the advance forwarding totally new fields from the conventional Dip Coat use fields by realizing this speed of Super Low Speed Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments).
Before the realizing to enable Nano-level Controlling, the market of sale for Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) was Printed Circuit Board makers mainly, but now, current business form of Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) was completed with many consultations & inquiries from a lot of University Laboratories, Public Organizations including �gThe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)�hand R&D sections of Private Enterprises who have been doing research concerning with Opal Films, Photonic Crystals, Photocatalysts, Sun-light Panels, Electronic Devices, Optical Lens, Surface Treatment and Materials Science, etc.
We are highly appreciating to opinions and advices without the reserve from all of them, although there could be the thing we were given kind advices and admonitions from many teachers.
By the reason we selected Touch Panel Method, we originally had launched the Dipcoater Business as a production device, therefore we considered that it should be better method that anyone is easy to operate on the site, however even if cost increases a little. We suppose that this is slightly different point from conventional makers providing Research & Development Devices, who are considering even a little cost down.
While making use of the above experience of our real field correspondence, our thrust is the realization of the devices/equipments which, thoroughly in a researcher's-eye view line, anyone can understand & operate easily and the researchers can feel satisfaction as it was really good to purchase SDI Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) and the result of their research / study were able to be achieved. Therefore we think that a little additional cost is no choice for it.
We devoutly and earnestly wish that SDI Dipcoaters (Dip Coating Equipments) shall be kindly utilized, be loved by numerous persons in charge of R&D and shall be able to achieve much result from now on too.
In addition, we, all the staff, gratefully will devote to develop of better & finer devices increasingly.

2012 March Development and starting the sales of Dipcoater (DT-1203-S1) for big size specimens
2012 February The Dissertation publishes utilization of our produced equipments
2012 January Development and starting the sales of the Washing Equipment (SA-1201) with warm water & drying system
2011 November Our produced Equipments are published in [The feeling of the Hit!] (2012 edition)
2011 November Development and starting the sales of Dipcoater (DT-1111-S1) for tubular object coating
2011 September Development and starting the sales of Gas Substituted Type NANO IN COATER (NIC-1109)
2011 April Development and starting the sales of New Mold Release Processing Equipment (NIC-1103)
2010 September Development and starting the sales of Portable Dipcoater
2010 August Newly establishment of the Clean Room for the Contracted Coating Treatment
2009 September Certified as the programs of specific research & development under the �gAct on Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises' Core Manufacturing Technology
2009 July Starting the sales of New Model [NANO IN COATER (NIC-0907)] for Mold Release Processor
2009 April Starting the business of contracted Coating Treatment
2008 February Head-office moving in �gAdvanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM RI / KYOTO)�h
2007 September Launching the Electronic Parts Business
2007 July Authorized in the ranking by �gKyoto-City Venture Company MEKIKI Committee
2007 June Starting the sales of Lengthiness Ceramics applicable Dipcoater (DT-0706)
2007 May Launching the Heat-Treatment Business
2007 April Starting the sales of Batch Processing Type Semi-Automatic Dipcoater (SA-0704)
2007 March Starting the sales of [NANO IN COATER NIC-0703] for Mold Release Processor
2007 February Starting the sales of the Draining Dryer Equipment (WD-0702)
2007 January Acquisition of �gKES Environmental Management System Standard Step 2�h certification
2006 March Head-office moving to Shijyo-Karasuma
2005 November Starting the sales of New Modeled Semi-Automatic Dipcoater (SA-0511)
2005 May Starting the sales of the Mass-Production use Full Automatic Dipcoater (FA-0505) for Printed Circuit Boards
2004 December Starting the sales of the Dipcoater for Hydrogen Separation Film generation
2004 November Starting the sales of Roll to Roll Type Dipcoater for flexible base board use
2004 September Nano Dipcoater is adopted as [2004 business plan possibility support project] promoted by �g(Foundation) Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21�h. (applied by Shimadzu General Services, Inc.)
2004 August Starting the sales of Micro Dipcoater (MD-0408)
2004 July Starting the sales of Nano Dipcoater (ND-0407)
2004 June Staring the sales of the full automatic Dipcoater (FA-0406) to produce the High Density & High Accuracy Printed Circuit Board
2004 April Setting up engineering department
2004 April Head-office moving in �gAdvanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM RI / KYOTO)
2004 February Reorganization to SDK Company Ltd. Capital for JP Yen 10,000,000.
2003 March An achievement of the development for Experimental Desk-top Dipcoater (DT-0303) of industry�fs first and starting the production and sales
1998 November The first shipment of Full Automatic Dipcoater toward Overseas Customer
1998 May Capital Increase up to JP Yen 5,000,000.-
1997 July Establishment of SDI Company LLC as a sales company for Dipcoaters Contributed Capital for JP Yen 3,000,000.
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