WHAT IS THE DIP COATER (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.
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About Fine Particles Array
An example of Fine Particles Array by Dip Coating (Dip Coat) method
[1] Dip a specimen into Dip Coat Liquid
[2] Wait for a liquid surface to become the stationary state after dipped a specimen perpendicularly
[3] Raise a specimen up perpendicularly by optional speed
[4] Available to control film thickness with raise-up speed for specimen and by the density of particle in solution (liquid)
By works of the Capillarity and the Fluidity Power derived from evaporation of the water, the coating target of Fine Particles can be formed up uniformly.

The Particle Array has been occurred by the Inter-particle Force which is generated with deriving from Solvent Flows accompanied with evaporation and Surface Tension.

The fine particles perform Brownian movement.The fine particles become self-organizing.

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