WHAT IS THE DIP COATER (Dip Coating Equipment)?

It is the mechanism which forms a Thin Film by raising-up the specimen at low speed after dipping in the coating liquid.

1. What kind of device is the Dip Coater (the dip coating method)?

It is the device to form a thin film on both side surfaces at the same time by raising-up the work object (base material) which you want to make the Dip Coating from the Dip Coat Solution after immersed in.
It is used for the various fields of the productions and researches, such as the surface coating with hardening agent for the lenses for eyeglass, polycarbonate, acrylic materials, etc. and printed circuit boards, the resist coatings for the glass, making the particle array to the glass surface and so on.
In SDI, we have prepared many line-ups of the Dip Coater from the desk top type of the experiments use up to the various kinds of mass production use.

2. Which degree of the film thickness can be made by dip coating method?

Although the film thickness in the range from several nano-meters (nm) to several ten micro meters (μm) is available, it is unsuitable for a thick film.

3. Please tell me how to control for the film thickness by the Dip Coating. Also, how much is the precision of the film thickness?

The dip (raising-up) speed becomes slower so that it becomes to make the thinner film as a characteristic of the dip coating method. Adversely, the film thickness becomes thicker if dip speed is faster. Since SDI brand dip coater is available to work with super low-speed up to 1nm/sec, the particle array arrangement to the surface of the work becomes possible.
Normally the accuracy of the film thickness is approximately +-10%, but the precision tends to rise as much as it becomes the thin film.
But, please pay your attention to the characteristic of the coating liquid used for dip coat as it may be greatly influenced by that.

4. As I want to make particle array, is SDI brand dip coater available?

Of course, it can be done. We have real embodiments with our devices of Nano-Speed Dip Coater and/or Micro Speed Dip Coater. Examples of Dip Coating (from our Web Site Movies): http://www.sdicompany.com/en/dipcoating/index.php#1

5. What are the features of SDI brand Dip Coating Device (Dip Coater)?

We have variety of the line-ups from super low-speed specifications to mass production devices.
Our basic concept is to adapt to the customized specifications and we are inclining our mind to keep the offer of the original devices.
Among our production line-up, it covers wide transaction speed as per the range of the Dip Coater Speed from 1nm/sec up to 200mm/sec with the performance of speed non-irregularity and low vibration, so that it enables to form the uniformed thin film.
In addition, you can operate it easily by touch panel control method. Of course, it is possible to be controlled by PC with original software.
Please refer to the movie of our Web Site:

6. Can I change the speed during dip coat works?

Yes you can. You can set 8 – 16 points (different depending on models) to change the dip speed.

7. What kinds of devices do you have for the Dip Coaters and the Drying Equipments?

You kindly do choice a model by Dip Coating Speed, Dip Coat Range (stroke) and the size of the work object (base material) for the dip coat.
Of course, the order of your required special specification Dip Coater is also available.
Please refer to following top page of our Web Site for the information of the kinds of Dip Coaters.

8. What kinds of base material (work object) can be applied for Dip Coating?

There are a great variety of such as lenses for eyeglasses, polycarbonate, acrylic, stainless steel, printed circuit boards, glass, catheters, medical tubes, medical needles, other metals and so on.
It has been used widely in regardless of a field.

9. How much is the repetition precision of the device of Dip Coater?

We have the relevant data with our production of Micro Speed Dip Coater (Model: MD0408-05).
Please refer to us.

10. What kind of method is the operation?

We have adopted the touch panel (PLC) operation method which setting is simple and easy.
Of course, the correspondence with the PC control is possible, too.
At the time of an ordering, please talk us about whether it is PLC control or PC control.
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