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Desk Top Type dipcoater for Small Size Objects use DT-0303-N1

Desktop device for experiments / research / development Specifications /

This is the dipcoater of popularity in Desk Top Type Dip Coat (Dip Coating) Equipments. This is the Device to form both faces of the thin films at one time with dipping and raising-up the working object clipped by hanger into / from coating liquid in a tank.
Main Specifications
Stroke 300mm
Minimum Speed (Min.) 0.1mm/sec.
Maximum Speed (Max) 60mm/sec.
Operating Method Touch Panel
Screen Indication Language Japanese / English
Number of designation points for Transaction Speeds 8 Points
Number of designation points for Stop Positions 8 Points
Number of designation points for Stopping Time 8 Points
Consecutive Driving Mode Equipped
Manual Driving Mode Equipped
Number of Memorized Programs 2 Programs
Monitoring Function: Present Speed Equipped
Monitoring Function: Present Position Equipped
Monitoring Function: Residual Time Equipped
Repetition Driving Not Equipped
Standard Clip Material: Stainless Steel
Utility AC100V,250VA
Weight Capacity 1kg
Maximum Processing Size (mm) H:300mm
Linear Driving Mode Not Equipped
Equipment Dimension (mm): not including projections W:430 D:476 H:815(15kg)
Control Box Dimension (mm) : not including projections W:300 D:285 H:163
Linear Driving Mode means that stopping time is zero (0) sec. at the changing speed.
Manual Driving Mode means that it is doing rise / drop driving (another setting for the rise speed and the drop speed) at one set speed.

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